For software developers

.NET Framework Library

You can use this open-source library to easily consume currency rates services, including some advanced functions, without thinking about establishing connection and transcoding of data

Web service manual

This manual for XML web service shows how the web service can ba consumed in .NET environment, but is also a good reference for software developers in other environments.

XML file generator

Utility to generate XML file with currency rates. Useful if you need to get currency rates one or few times a day, and prefer to keep coding to minimum.

Sample project binaries

Sample project, written in C#, which shows all functionality of our web service, including historical requests and balance checks. You can use it to check your key and availability of our service.

Sample project source code

Source code for before mentioned sample project. It's highly useful for software developers in all languages, although it's written in C#.

For end users

Converter for Windows 10

This 3rd party converter uses our rates for over 6 years and won Microsoft awards in Ireland. It still looks great and contains no ads.

Integration tool for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and up

3rd party tool from the same author as converter for Windows 10, it allows to update currency rates in Microsoft Dynamics CRM database to current, using our web service.