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Currency Exchange Rates Conversion Web Service

One of the eldest currency rates web services on the Internet, providing currency rates for hundreds of businesses since 2007.

  • 128 currencies
  • Updates every few minutes
  • Historical data is available
  • Very flexible pricing, starting from FREE
  • API access using Web Services and XML file
  • WebAPI access for using in JavaScript code
  • Simple conversion using HTTP GET
  • SSL Encryption (HTTPS, 2048 bit)
  • Not limited to IP address
  • Limited to either date, number of calls, both or neither
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Why Choose Mondor

It's Experience

Combined with unbeatable pricing policy.

  • 1. We offer great package for startups, we beat the competition, not the customer.
  • 2. We serve millions requests per day, and have enough capacity for everyone.
  • 3. No downtime in over 2 years.
  • 4. Our service is used in mobile apps, desktop apps, websites, including those of banks.
  • 5. Our support is just two people, and most of the time they do nothing.
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Our Customers

Why having current rates is important?

Behavioral Psychology tells us that people tend to "strike while the iron is hot", and in that mood they usually disregard the tiny details, such as - the price is sweeter, because it's in "stronger" currency. Common example is U.S. Dollar vs Canadian or Australian dollars, though in modern global economy, it's usually U.S. Dollar vs Euro. Your customer from another country may think that your price is higher than of competitor, but if only you would be able to display it in his currency, along with original one, the wind could change.

Therefore most our customers are from global sales - real estate, shops, hotels, as well as all kinds of creative studios.

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Years of Operation


Active Customers


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Awesome integrations

The cost of integration

Web service is flexible, and usually takes around 3 lines of code to implement.
Or no code at all

Our Pricing Plan

It starts from free, and doesn't go much higher
Though a real value is in subscription

Pricing Plan FREE 0 2K Requests 5 Subscription 10 / Month
01. API Calls - 2000 Unlimited
02. Calls per day 50 Unlimited Unlimited
03. Expiration 1 year Never Never
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Get Started with Currency Rates Web Service

There are tools, code samples and documentation to help you to get started
Grab them now for reference and guidelines

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Frequesntly Asked Quedtions

This section is the main reason why our support assistants don't have anything to do
most of the time

01. Can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel the next renewal any time. It only takes one click. Two, actually. You can also renew it any moment later.

02. My currency is not in the list, can you add it?

If we missed a currency, as it happened in the past, we can add it any moment, just let us know.

03. How often the rate is refreshed?

We say - every 12 minutes, but usually it's even quicker than that. In fact, it's different for each currency, as it depends from natural factors and world events.

04. What is your source of data?

We are partnered with two financial institutions in Sweden, that provide us with live feeds. We then analyse and "blend" them together using our own algorithms.